This page gives access to
Archives Nationales d'Haïti Database.

The Demo gives an insight of the search functionalties.
The regular Search page gives access to an index of the database.
The Advanced Search page gives access to an index of the database, with more precise search criterias.

Database Inventory

List of the surnames included in the database.


only for AGH

The Detailed Search gives access to the database index plus the full acts.

The names are entered as they are on the registers. They are aften spelled wrong and sometimes the officier reversed the first and last names. I found Charles Bazelais as «Bazelay Charles».

Ex-slaves had no last name. You will often see an «N..» instead of the name. It means the person had no last name or that none was not provided. When the first name is missing, «N..» is placed in the first name field.

A few hints to help english speaking people search the database. The names of places in the database have the French spelling. If you want to find a person born in the United States, you must search «États-Unis» in the country field. This will eventually be corrected.

A few terms:

Français               English


Nom de famille         Last name

Prénom                 First name

Rôle dans l'acte       Role in the act

Ville de la naissance  City of birth

Pays de la naissance   Country of birth

Recherche              Search

Nouveau né             Newborn

Époux                  Groom

Épouse                 Bride

Père                   Father

Père de l'époux        Father of the groom

Père de l'épouse       Father of the bride

Mère de l'époux        Mother of the groom

Mère de l'épouse       Mother of the bride

Mère                   Mother

Parrain                Godfather

Marraine               Godmother

Témoin                 Witness

Tante                  Aunt

Oncle                  Uncle

Défunt                 Deceased

Enfant des mariés      Child of the newlyweds

Signataire             Signer